Which Should You Choose: Butt Plug Or Anal Beads?

The Distinction Between Anal Beads and Butt Plugs

Choosing between anal beads and butt plugs comes down to understanding their distinct characteristics and how they cater to different preferences in anal play. Here’s a breakdown of what sets these two toys apart:

  • Anal beads are a series of connected beads varying in size, designed for insertion and removal to stimulate the sensitive anal passage. As Alicia Sinclair, a certified sex educator, puts it, they offer a dynamic experience as they provide stimulation through their movement.
  • Butt plugs are shaped to be inserted and remain in place, providing a sensation of fullness or pressure that many find pleasurable. Their design often includes a tapered tip for easy insertion, a bulb for stimulation, and a flared base for safety.
  • When it comes to sensations, anal beads offer a rhythmic massage-like feeling as they’re pulled out, often heightening pleasure during climax. On the other hand, butt plugs deliver a constant stretched sensation, which can be enjoyed over extended periods or during other sexual activities.

Understanding these core differences will help you decide which toy aligns with the kind of stimulation you’re seeking. Whether you’re intrigued by the gentle tug of beads or the persistent press of a plug, there’s a world of pleasure to explore.

Understanding What a Butt Plug Is

A butt plug is a sex toy designed for anal stimulation, shaped to fit comfortably inside the rectum. Initially narrow, it widens towards the middle and tapers again near the flared base, a design that creates a feeling of fullness and can intensify sexual pleasure.
They’re not just for seasoned enthusiasts; even beginners find them useful for preparing for anal sex. Available in diverse sizes and materials, some butt plugs feature additional elements like vibration or inflation to elevate the experience. Its crucial flared base is a safety feature, ensuring that the toy stays in place for worry-free enjoyment.

What Are the Advantages of Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs are a boon for those seeking sustained internal stimulation. They can be a game-changer by providing ongoing pleasure to the prostate or G-spot, potentially turning up the dial on sexual gratification.
Additionally, they gently stretch and relax the anal muscles, easing the way for more adventurous anal play. A discreet thrill, butt plugs can be worn during daily activities, offering a subtle yet satisfying sensation that keeps pleasure within arm’s reach.

Anal Beads Explained

Imagine a string of pearls, but designed for anal pleasure – that’s what anal beads resemble. These beads graduate in size along a flexible cord or stem and are meant for insertion and sequential removal, which can significantly amplify the peak of sexual climax. Crafted from a variety of materials, such as body-safe silicone or sleek glass, anal beads come in both stationary and vibrating models. They offer a different experience from butt plugs, focusing on the sensation of movement rather than constant pressure.

What Benefits Do Anal Beads Offer?

The allure of anal beads lies in their dynamic stimulation. As Alicia Sinclair, a sex educator, describes, pulling out the beads taps into the rich nerve endings around the sphincter, echoing the rhythmical sensation of a massage.
This delightful tension and release can vary with the speed at which the beads are withdrawn, allowing one to dictate the intensity. Anal beads also afford the hands-free luxury, enabling other forms of stimulation or penetration to occur simultaneously for a multifaceted pleasure experience.

Choosing Between Butt Plugs and Anal Beads

Making the right choice between butt plugs and anal beads hinges on understanding your body’s reactions and what you hope to feel. If you crave that sense of being filled, a butt plug might be your go-to. On the other hand, if the idea of dynamic internal sensations excites you, anal beads could be more appealing. Let me walk you through the factors to consider:

  • Personal Preference: Do you find the steady pressure of a butt plug comforting, or do you prefer the rhythmic stimulation that anal beads provide as they’re pulled out?
  • Experience Level: If you’re new to anal play, the gentle progression of smaller anal beads can be less daunting, easing you into the experience. Seasoned enthusiasts might seek out larger, textured, or even vibrating butt plugs for that extra level of excitement.
  • Intended Use: Think about when and how you’d like to use your toy. Butt plugs are great for extended wear, even outside the bedroom. Anal beads, with their dramatic sensation during removal, might be best saved for those intense moments.

Assess these points, and remember, there’s no harm in trying both to truly understand what suits you best.

Who Likes Anal Play?

Anal play doesn’t discriminate – it’s a source of joy for anyone keen on exploring. Gigi Engle, a sex educator, shares my sentiment when she says that butt play warmly welcomes every gender to bask in its delights. Its rising popularity among all sexual identities speaks volumes about its universal charm. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the allure of discovering new peaks of pleasure and forms of intimacy is a journey worth embarking on with anal toys.

Can Anal Play Be Pleasurable?

Shifting gears from who enjoys anal play, let’s tackle a common question: Can it actually be pleasurable? Absolutely, the anus is a treasure trove of nerve endings that, when approached with patience and the right technique, can unlock intense sensations.
The keys to a sublime experience are preparation, clear communication, and generous use of lubricants to ensure everything goes smoothly. Far from the outdated misconceptions, anal play, when done safely and consensually, can enrich your sexual canvas with new, thrilling strokes.

Guidelines for Trying Anal Beads Safely

When it comes to exploring anal beads, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and comfort. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a positive and secure experience:

  1. Find a comfortable position, either lying on your back or side, to help relax your body.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of lubricant. This step is key to ensuring a smooth insertion and to prevent any discomfort or tissue damage.
  3. Gently insert the smallest bead first, only progressing to larger beads as you feel comfortable.
  4. After use, clean the beads thoroughly with mild antibacterial soap and warm water.
  5. Dry them completely and store them in a cool, dry place to maintain hygiene and ensure longevity.

How to Care for and Clean Them

Ensuring the safety and longevity of your anal toys, such as butt plugs and anal beads, is crucial. Here’s a simple guide on keeping them clean and well-maintained:

  1. After each use, wash silicone toys thoroughly with mild antibacterial soap and warm water, echoing advice from sex educator Alicia Sinclair.
  2. If your toys are made of non-porous materials like glass or metal, sterilize them by boiling or placing them in the dishwasher for a deep clean.
  3. Always store your toys in a cool, dry place. Before you use them again, check for any signs of damage to prevent any potential harm.

Remember, the lifespan of your toys heavily depends on how well you care for them. Following these material-specific instructions will help keep your play safe and enjoyable.

Tips for Using Butt Plugs

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, here are some friendly tips for using butt plugs effectively:

  • Newcomers should start with a small-sized plug, gently increasing size only as they become more comfortable.
  • Those with more experience might want to try different textures, shapes, or additional features like vibration to discover new sensations.
  • Begin by wearing the plug for a short time. As you get used to the sensation, you can slowly extend the period of wear to what feels right for you.

Approach this journey with patience and listen to your body. With these tips, you’ll find what works best for you, ensuring a pleasurable and safe experience.

Recommendations for Anal First Timers: Plugs or Beads?

Stepping into the world of anal play for the first time can be exhilarating yet a bit daunting. If you’re a beginner deciding between anal beads and butt plugs, consider your comfort level and the type of sensation you’re curious about.
Graduated anal beads are often recommended for novices due to their user-friendly design. They start small and gently increase in size, which can make the initial experience less overwhelming. On the flip side, small, smooth butt plugs with a tapered tip offer an alternative for those seeking a sense of fullness without the movement beads provide.
The key is to choose toys made from body-safe, non-porous materials that feel comfortable for you. Remember, the aim is to explore and enjoy, so pick an option that aligns with your interests while ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience.

Choose a Set That’s Easy for Beginners.

For those dipping their toes into anal play, selecting the right set can make all the difference. Aim for sets that feature anal beads starting at a smaller size, gradually increasing to allow for a gentle progression. This approach aligns with expert advice, such as that from Alicia Sinclair, advocating for a comfortable and approachable introduction to anal toys.
When it comes to butt plugs, opt for ones with a silky-smooth finish and a slim tip, easing the insertion process. Some sets offer an assortment of sizes, which is ideal for beginners looking to explore at their own pace and comfort level. Go for simplicity and comfort, and you’ll find your first experience to be a positive stepping stone in your journey of sexual exploration.

Concluding Thoughts

Your comfort and interests are the guiding stars to finding the perfect toy that resonates with your body’s desires. The array of sensations that butt plugs and anal beads offer is vast, and the choice between them hinges on personal preference.

Equally crucial is the emphasis on safety, open communication, and enthusiastic consent. These are non-negotiables in the realm of sexual exploration and ensure a positive experience with anal toys. Always prioritize these principles to maintain both physical and emotional well-being.

I encourage you to approach this aspect of play with curiosity and an eagerness to discover what delights you. Anal play can be a deeply satisfying part of your sexual expression when approached thoughtfully. Let your experiences be empowering, and may they lead you to a deeper understanding of your pleasure.

Why most people wish to fuck a ballerina

Ballerinas Have Flexible Bodies

Have you ever met a ballerina? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter! We’ll tell you that some of the stereotypes about them are true regardless. For example, they go through very strict training that can be mentally and physically exhausting. They train for hours each day, especially before their big shows. Plus, they have to break their pointe shoes and go through many pairs because the training is so rigid.


So, what is this training good for? Ballet is a strict dance, and every move has a purpose. That means the dancers have to get everything right. Yes, perfection is very sought-after in the world of ballet. But what else does this training give ballerinas? Very flexible bodies.


This type of training allows them to perform all kinds of incredible dance moves, like a split leap. So, not only are their bodies supple, but they maintain flexibility through rigorous training. That’s one of the reasons why people have a ballerina fetish. There’s no position a ballet dancer cannot do. She will bend in all kinds of ways and will help you broaden your sexual horizons. However, they have more to offer!

They Have Moves

Now, imagine having sex with a ballerina. What would that look like? She wouldn’t be jumping around and doing split leaps, but she could be doing a split on you if you ask nicely. What makes ballet dancers incredible lovers is the fact that they have all the moves. No, we’re not just talking about dance moves — we’re talking about the way they move in bed.


First of all, they have great coordination and know how to move with you. That means all of your sexual adventures level up when you have sex with a ballerina. How does that make men feel? It shows great enthusiasm, which excites and arouses them even more. But it’s not all about what men like. Ballerinas are able to take charge in the bedroom and satisfy themselves, too. This is especially the case if they’re prima ballerinas, but it’s a trait they all share.

Ballerinas Have No Problems With Adjustments

One of the most important traits all ballerinas need to have is adaptability. Not only do they need to be able to adapt on the fly, but long-term as well. What’s there to adapt to? Strict training, costume failure, pointe shoes, and switching roles, to name a few. Practicing ballet, in general, requires all kinds of adaptability. Thankfully, this trait translates into ballerinas’ personal lives.


What does that mean? It means you’ll never have a problem if you have to bail or change plans with a ballerina. Being on their toes is something they do regularly, and not much can catch them off guard. That, of course, means ballerinas make incredible lovers. Adaptability also means ballerinas are open-minded, and that’s something every man loves to see in bed.


Being open-minded means she’s willing to try new positions, experiment with toys, and so much more. That also means you won’t have a hard time pleasing her because she’s down for almost anything. Of course, you shouldn’t try to force anything on your bedroom ballerina. But remember: she’ll be okay with any way you decide to spice up your bedroom fun.

They Have Good Stamina

Let’s talk about stamina now. Sometimes, you need to have a lot of it if you want to last long. This is true for both partners, but men need it more. That’s because men are more likely to be in charge while women receive pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with that, but men would like to switch roles.


However, it’s difficult for many women to do that because they’re out of shape and lack stamina. You’d be surprised how much stamina you need for a cowgirl position. Your knees become weak fast and can render you useless for any future position switching. But do you know who doesn’t have stamina issues? Ballerinas.

Sure, they go through strict training, but anyone can handle that for an hour, right? That may be true, but adult ballerinas train for over 25 hours a week. They undergo two hours of training six days a week. That is the real reason why they’re so agile and have so much stamina. With a ballerina, the only thing you should worry about is whether she can outlast you in bed. Then it’s just a matter of keeping up.

Most Ballerinas Are Good Looking

Finally, ballerinas are absolutely beautiful! Well, they have to be. Why? Because ballet is a beautiful and graceful dance, so the dancers have to be a representation of that. However, this is what results in the ballerina fetish most often.


Just think about it, wouldn’t you want to have sex with a beautiful woman? Sexuality almost has nothing to do with this because that’s how good-looking these women are. On top of that, think about how agile and adaptable ballerinas are, and you’ll want them even more. These are the core reasons why people want to fuck ballerinas, and we don’t blame them.


Unfortunately, these dancers are very professional and often don’t have time for anything other than ballet. That means they’re mostly unavailable for hookups or even dating. So, that’s where the fantasy of fucking a ballerina ends for most men. However, you should always have hope.

Myth-Busters: What Is Generally Not True About Foot Fetish?

When talking about any type of kink, the foot fetish is the first thing that comes to mind for most people. It’s the most popular kink, although there are many untrue facts about it floating around. We’ve done some myth-busting about foot fetish to see what’s true and what isn’t.


On our myth-busting journey, we’ve discovered six facts about foot fetish that aren’t true, but people think they are. 

Myth 1: They Can Not Think of Anything Else During Sex

What most people don’t understand when it comes to the foot fetish is that it’s only one of many things that can arouse a person. Enjoying this type of kink doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else that can make a person horny and ready for action.


This is one of the untrue facts about foot fetish that’s most commonly accepted by a lot of people. They think having a fetish means that one is aroused by a specific body part only (feet, in this case). But other parts of their partner’s body can also cause arousals, such as tits, the ass, or even the belly.


Many people are not critical about kinks, and as soon as there’s word about foot fetish, they think people who enjoy this only get aroused by feet and nothing else. Myth-busting this fact wasn’t that difficult, but it sure was fun!

Myth 2: Foot Fetishist Turned on by Smelly Feet

This is one of the most disgusting facts about foot fetish that thankfully aren’t true. Most people don’t like smelly feet, especially when it comes to this type of kink.


When it comes to facts about foot fetish, the smell isn’t one of the things that play a big role. The aesthetic of the partner’s feet is what arouses people most, and if they’re clean, the arousal is even bigger. People into this kink often add certain accessories to the mix, making the foot fetish more personal. This includes lingerie and different types of footwear, most commonly high heels.

The reason why we said that most people don’t like smelly feet is that there are some people aroused by the specific odor feet have after a full day in shoes. Myth-busting this fact wasn’t as simple as the first one because a part of the foot fetish community enjoys the smell, no matter what kind of smell it is.

Myth 3: All Foot Fetishists Have Something in Common

When it comes to facts about foot fetish, this one is partially true. All foot fetishists have a love for feet in common but in different intensities. Certain people enjoying this kink enjoy looking and touching their partner’s feet. But it isn’t a crucial factor when it comes to reaching orgasm. There are also people so invested in this kink that they simply can’t reach orgasm without worshiping their partner’s feet.


Foot fetish is a very broad kink that people don’t understand. Discovering you enjoy this fetish is pretty simple. However, learning what you love most about it takes a lot of time. Having the right partner who doesn’t think this kink is strange is crucial, and being open-minded about trying new things is the only way you’ll truly learn what works for you.


There are people who like the same things when it comes to foot fetish, but a much larger part of the community likes different things and enjoys exploring all the possibilities this kink has to offer.

Myth 4: Foot Fetishists Like All Kinds of Feet

It doesn’t require a lot of myth-busting to learn that people with this kink don’t like all types of feet. Humans are aesthetic creatures, and everyone has a different perception of beauty. Just like you consider someone beautiful or sexy, the same applies to feet.


Most people with a foot fetish like feet with soft skin, pretty toes, toenails, and with little or no veins visible. Women in their early twenties usually have the most attractive feet, although older women can have very attractive feet as well. Genes play a significant role in the way feet look, but there’s also the way a person takes care of their feet, what kind of shoes they wear, how much they’re standing or sitting they do during the day, etc.


One of the most certain facts about foot fetish is that different people like different things, making the myth about foot fetishists liking all kinds of feet untrue.

Myth 5: They Love All Including Foot, Shoes, and Socks

As mentioned in one of the facts about foot fetishes above, different people have different types of foot fetishes. Some are aroused only by feet. Others enjoy everything, including shoes, heels, lingerie, and everything in between.


One of the biggest misconceptions about people with this type of kink is that they all enjoy everything related to feet. Some people do, some people don’t. That’s the beauty of it! The variety this kink has!


There are a lot of things one can do to make their feet more attractive. Having nice shoes is one of the things that can make feet more attractive, especially when attractive women wear them. Different types of socks and lingerie are often used as well.

The fact is that each person experiences this kink differently. There’s no universal formula to describe it, especially when it comes to accessories. Some women look incredible wearing high heels, and foot fetishists can’t get enough of them. But when a different person wears the same type of high heels, the same fetishist isn’t aroused as much. It’s a very individual kink, and it should be accepted as such.

Myth 6: There’s Nothing Special About Feet

Feet are as special as any other part of the body, although people don’t focus that much on them. People with a foot fetish pay much more attention to feet and are able to spot certain specifics that other people don’t notice.


If you’re someone who enjoys this kink, you’ll know exactly what kind of feet are most attractive to you, and you’ll easily be able to differentiate your partner’s feet from others. When you think about it, you’ll quickly realize that different people have different-looking toes, toenails, and skin. From a common person’s point of view, there’s very little that differentiates one pair of feet from another, except for obvious differences like skin color, for example.


As soon as one starts looking at the feet differently, one can quickly realize just how specific feet can be. People with a foot fetish notice these differences more easily than others. But when it comes to the myth that there’s nothing special about feet, it’s completely false.

What to look for in an anal plug?

When it comes to anal pleasure, butt plugs reign supreme! However, not all anal sex toys are created equal. You could struggle to find one that fits your booty the best. Keep reading to learn what to look for in an anal plug and how to find the best plug for you! 

Flared bases are non-negotiable

If you’re turned on by the idea of getting a new butt plug, you’ll actually have a lot of options at your disposal. You can choose from dozens of different types of butt plugs that meet your preferences and expectations. That includes standard plugs, vibrating butt plugs, animal tail buttplugs, anal bead plugs, etc. 

However, all of them have one thing in common, and it’s definitely not an optional feature. Namely, almost every plug has a tapered shape and a flared base. The flared base extends from the bottom of the toy, and it’s essentially a safety feature. As your butthole grips the toy tightly, the flared base prevents it from fully entering your ass and getting stuck. 

Also, if your hands slip during insertion, the flared base will prevent an awkward trip to the ER. If you happen to find a plug that doesn’t have a flared base, avoid it. Also, do not use dildos, wands, or DIY toys as a replacement for anal plugs. 

Use body-safe materials 

Anuses and vaginas absorb chemicals from various materials and those substances can eventually find their way into your bloodstream. While most toys look good on the surface, not all of them are body-safe. Unsafe toy materials like PVC or jelly contain phthalates that can harm your health. Fortunately, there are a few body-safe materials that feel great and do not cause damage. 


Silicone butt plugs and other silicone toys are non-porous, meaning that their surface does not absorb bacteria. That increases the durability of the toy. Medical-grade silicone is also easy to clean and is 100% body-safe. Moreover, the material feels soft, bendy, and highly realistic.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a fabulous choice for butt plugs because it is smooth yet highly durable. It doesn’t absorb chemicals and is easy to clean. An added bonus of steel is that it is quite cold, and it heats up as you insert it. Many fans of temperature play enjoy this sensation. 


Glass is one of the safest sex toy materials. It’s smooth, it requires little lube, and it looks unique and sexy. Glass is body-safe, reliable, and you can also warm it up or cool it down for temperature play. 

Size and weight

If you’re just starting out with anal play, we advise you to start small. The best choice is a short and thin plug. You can always move up in size as you get used to the sensations. If you’ve already tried anal sex and you enjoy it a lot, buy your new plug according to your size preferences. 

Aside from size, you should also consider the toy’s weight. The general rule is that pleasure increases with weight because weight provides more pressure and increases stimulation. 

Still, if you’ve never used one and are afraid that it might fall out, it’s better to pick a lighter plug. Also, if you want to wear your butt plug in public, a lighter weight may be better. For lightweight toys, silicone plugs are the best. If heavier toys turn you on more, choose steel or glass.

To vibrate or not to vibrate

Like we’ve said, you can find plugs with various additional features. Obviously, vibration is one that you are probably already considering. However, vibrations in the anus could feel a bit too intense for beginners. Nevertheless, if you need to get off through vibrations, you’ll have a lot of available options. 

For example, some plugs contain rotating and vibrating beads. They replicate the sensation of rimming or analingus. Others can be controlled via a remote. This is a fun feature since your partner could use the remote and take control of your pleasure. What’s more, some prostate massager plugs are designed to target the male prostate. Again, this will all depend on your preferences. Whatever type of butt plug that interests you, they have it at https://lovegasm.co/collections/butt-plugs. Make sure to give them a visit!

Top butt plugs in the market 

If you’re still not sure about which plug is a great choice, here are some of the most popular toys today: 

Sinclair Institute Select Silicone Explorers

These small plugs are made by Sinclair Institute, and they are ideal choices for beginners. This product provides three different plug sizes, and the plugs are made out of medical-grade silicone. The flared base is firm, but it can stretch, and you can push your finger inside it for easy insertion.

b-Vibe rimming plug with remote

This gorgeous blue plug comes with a remote that allows you to change the speed and vibration patterns for a realistic rimming experience. The neck of the plug contains beads that directly stimulate this erogenous zone. 

Njoy Pure Plug

If you prefer the sensation of stainless steel, Njoy makes some of the best butt plugs of this type. Njoy plugs come in three sizes and feature a unique head shape for long-term use. This special head shape also provides an intense sense of stretching and fullness. Plus, the steel has a balanced weight, and it quickly responds to hot or cold temperatures. 

Doc Johnson Anal Trainer Kit

This anal training kit contains three silicone plugs of different sizes (3, 4, and 5 inches). Each plug has a conical shape along with a tapered and curved base for easy removal. It’s a great choice for beginners or intermediate anal fans who want to experiment with different sizes.

Crystal Delights

Lastly, if you truly want to add some bling to your booty, Crystal Delights is one of the most famous glass plug designers. This company makes plugs from smooth glass and often covers the bases of its toys in Swarovski crystals!


Now that you know how to choose your ultimate butt plug, you can order one today and get ready for a world of intense anal pleasure!

Dating a Dancer

Recently I read an interview with Gary Avis, a Principal Character Artist with The Royal Ballet, where he talked about his experiences as a boy doing ballet and what that has lead to. But he briefly mentioned something that really hit home for me so I wanted to share my thoughts on that topic with you all while sending out my special thanks to a special someone.

“There’s an impact on your personal life, too – but not for the dancer himself. Whoever partners with a dancer has to be a saint. Ballet takes a lot out of you and the hours are crazy. Dancers are committed to this life 110 per cent and so your partner has to be too. There is no other way.”- Gary Avis

Mr Avis was talking about the men and women who are not dancers themselves but choose to enter the world of dance when in a relationship with a dancer, and that is what I wanted to write about today.

❝Dancers are lucky that their jobs are a big love in their lives❞

The partners of dancers. Our better halves. The ones we come home to after a day in the ‘office’ and they will listen to our absurd ballet world problems, trying to understand what we have been doing all day while learning more about the arts than they ever thought they would.

When I first met my husband he had never seen a ballet in his life and now he has not only been in the theatre far too many times to count but he understands so much about my work and what it involves. For him to have a peek inside the arts, an environment that is in some ways so different to what he encounters each day has been really interesting and enjoyable. So I think dancing with your partner can be a lovely thing and especially introducing them to the people and friends that fill it. I for one am so glad I can share that with him.

But it is not always that simple. Nothing ever is.

Dancers are lucky that their jobs are a big love in their lives but this can make it a difficult balancing act between the one you love and the work you love. The dedication that dancers give to their job can be extreme. The hours and energy put into it can take a lot from a person – time and energy they can’t give to their relationship. Therefore, our ‘right hand’ person has to be so understanding and patient. I am not saying dancers are more dedicated to our jobs than other professionals but just from my experiences alone, dance has asked a lot of my husband and me over the last nine years.

❝I want to thank him for being patient and dedicated enough to make it work❞

We have had to deal with years of long-distance, resulting in early Monday morning and late Friday evening travelling to achieve only one or even half-day weekends. My job causing me to work late nights, weekends, holidays, birthdays, family occasions and all those other times you should be at home or with family. Not to mention having to wait all year to get a summer holiday together due to the theatre timetable. There is a long list of times we have wanted my job to be different, times when we would really appreciate a simple weekend together, something that you would think is not too much to ask for but seems an impossible achievement for us.

In order for us to have a summer holiday this year, my husband even joined me when I had to work in Japan
Now, we know it is not just my job that has put distance between us but also the importance of husband’s career has an input into the situation we are in (as it should). However, having the job I have, with the unusual timetables and demands that come with it, puts that extra strain on it all. We were making hard decisions and at times of difficulty, when this lifestyle becomes a little too much we have really had to remind ourselves, and each other, to not give up.

I am sure other couples like us find their own problems and difficulties when it comes to dating a dancer; and actually, a lot of dancers I know are in long-distance relationships, whether they are with dancers or non-dancers, so I am not alone in this unusual situation. And in fact, I am happy to say now that my situation has changed drastically since I made a move for my job, and it is truly for the better.

What my husband and I have been able to do throughout the majority of the time we have known each other is pretty amazing. And he is the main reason I wanted to write this post. I want to thank him for being patient and dedicated enough to make it work.

Dance can take us away from a lot of things, it is not only our job but our passion, and for these people who choose us and let us have it all, at the price of not living together as a married couple, or whatever other odd situation they find themselves in due to dating, loving or marrying a dancer is very admirable. So don’t forget that dancers. And don’t forget to thank them for still being there when you get home from the ‘office’, complaining about something they can only pretend to understand. Stop complaining and bask in how lucky you are to have it all.

4 Ways to Achieving Anal Pleasure

If you are a beginner and you have never had anal sex, using anal plugs will help you to develop the muscles of the anus and prepare for anal sex so that your first experience will be pleasant, not painful. If you are not a novice and know how to use anal beads, you can use butt plugs to warm up, before anal contact. Traffic jams will excite sensitive nerves and relax the muscles of the anus. For anal stimulation: Long wearing anal plug gives you a very pleasant feeling.

For additional stimulation and increase of orgasm during traditional sexual intercourse or masturbation: Using the anal plug during vaginal contact, the woman’s vagina narrows, vaginal stimulation is felt more clearly and the orgasms become more intense and prolonged. The use of the anal plug during sex by a man helps him to strengthen his erection, to experience greater arousal and orgasm.

How to use butt plugs?

Classic anal plugs have a thin conical tip, for easy comfortable insertion, gradually widening the dropped body, for soft stretching of the muscles of the anus, a thin leg and an extended base that prevents the tube from being accidentally sucked into the rectum.


Before starting the game with the anal plug, a little preparation is necessary.

  • First, make sure your toy is well cleaned and ready to use.
  • Secondly, prepare your anus. For stimulation with the anal plug it will be enough to have a special syringe and take an anal shower to clean the anal passage.

The anal passage does not naturally moisturize, therefore the anus and the stopper must be well lubricated. Use special anal lubricants, they have a denser consistency and provide a more pleasant comfort. Glass and metal anal plugs can be used with lubricants based on silicone. It is worthy to note that glass and metal plugs are non porous. Caps from other materials we recommend to use with intimate water-based lubricants. To make everything go smoothly, cover the anus and the stopper with a thick layer of anal lubricant. If you are using a relaxing lubricant, wait 5-10 minutes for it to work.

How to insert the anal plug

Take a comfortable posture. For anal penetration the most comfortable are one of the following positions:

  • On all fours;
  • On the back, putting a small pillow or roller under the pelvis and pulling the legs to the stomach;
  • Crouching over the anal plug.

Holding the stopper by the base, gently insert the tip of the stopper into the anus, pointing it slightly up and forward, towards the stomach. Focusing on your feelings, gradually push the cork inwards until the anus narrows on the thin cork stem, leaving the stopper outside.

Stimulation options with anal plug

Now there is a traffic jam inside of you and you can enjoy any other kind of stimulation or sexual intercourse.

You can experience vivid sensations of stimulation of the anus by moving the stopper back and forth into the anus from the anus. You can leave the cork inside for a long time, ranging from 30 minutes to several hours. When wearing a plug for a long time, we recommend removing it at least once per hour to reuse the lubricant. If you use butt plugs to develop the anus and prepare it for anal sex, start with the smallest plug. When you get used to its size, go for larger plugins.

If you use the butt plug to warm up before anal sex, insert it 30 minutes before intercourse. During this time, the sphincter muscles will relax enough. If you use a cork during traditional sexual contact, you can insert a cork in advance or during foreplay. Squeeze and unclench the sphincter muscles around the stem of the cork during sex and enjoy the incredibly strong sensations. Men can thus significantly improve erection.

After use, clean your butt plug with warm water with mild antibacterial soap and a special bactericidal agent for cleaning sex toys. Then blot with a soft, lint-free cloth and air dry. Keep your butt plugs in a dark cool place and you can be sure that they will always be ready to give you pleasure.

We all have ambitious plans for the summer: to lose weight, pump up legs and achieve a flat stomach. But what we rarely remember is about intimate muscles. Not everyone knows that they are useful not only for the sex life. Why you need to train the pelvic floor muscle.

Why do you need it

It is believed, that the Kegel exercises have a positive impact only on the intimate lives of women, but in fact this is not their main advantage. Indeed, training the pelvic floor muscles ( MTD) stimulates the blood flow to the vagina , increases its sensitivity and develops nerve receptors.

The second advantage of these exercises is incontinence care. And both in case of “urgent incontinence”, when you cannot reach the toilet in time, and in the case of more common – “stress incontinence”, when droplets of urine are released during coughing or sneezing.

“As a result of training, MTD stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic organs , the cells are supplied with oxygen , the resalubilization increases ( which solves the problem of constipation), and congestion and their undesirable consequences are eliminated: erosions, benign tumors, hemorrhoids,” Valeria Aginskaya emphasizes. “The development of intimate muscles is an excellent prevention of pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence.”

Training vaginal muscles plays an important role in preparation for “soft” and minimally painful childbirth. It helps eliminate ruptures, prolapse of the uterus and posterior vaginal wall. Recovery after childbirth also occurs more successfully during intimate workouts. They quickly restore the elasticity of the muscles and the elasticity of the walls of the vagina; reduce the vaginal volume, which after birth significantly changes. For more info, click this link

It is necessary to know!

Muscles of the vagina can also over train, if engaged in without the program , but simply by means of weighting. As a result, you , of course , get a narrow and strong vagina , with which you can even lift weights , but your sensitivity may fall , since the ” overdeveloped” muscles will interfere with the normal work of the nerve receptors in the vagina.

5 Ways to Achieve Multiple Orgasms with Butt Plugs

If you are using a penis ring and at the same time wants to stimulate anal, should take a closer look at these cock rings. It can be an anal plug or an anal chain with balls that are inserted simultaneously in the anus. Depending on the design and function, the prostate can be stimulated with every movement. For advanced a very sexy thought is to know what is rimming butt plug.

A compact guy is this beguiling, deep black anal plug made of silicone. If you count yourself to the lovers of anal pleasure, you will have with him your joy, because he is a versatile little fellow who always stands his man.

Curvy Universal Genius

The surface of this anal plug is made of silky smooth silicone, which makes it useful during insertion, because it is particularly slippery. The shaft is firm and compact, but also offers a slightly tapered, three-part wave structure, which facilitates the insertion and stimulates the other prickling. With the wide base invites the dildo to varied adventures: If you enjoy yourself alone, it prevents skillfully to deep penetration, and is you looking for more acrobatics, so it can be attached to all smooth surfaces with its strong suction cup. This not only opens up new sensual horizons, but also erotic verticals.

Material and care

The compact butt plug is made of silicone. The skin-friendly silicone is extremely hygienic due to its non-porous surface. The cleaning of the toys is therefore also very straightforward. You simply wash it off with water and soap after the pleasure and you can also disinfect it with a Toy cleaner. For smooth fun you use a water-based lubricant.

Buy anal plugs online

Everything for your anal region: Whether anal plugs, anal chains, anal dildos or anal vibrators – Butt plugs are the ideal sex toy for anal newbie and connoisseurs. Although the anal variety is a centuries-old sex practice, it is only recently discussed – and that’s a good thing, because so you have a great selection of the most diverse anal sex toys in our erotic shop ready. Anal plugs, analgesics, anal vibrators and prostate stimulators especially for men – our Anal toys leave nothing to be desired. These can be bought from online shops like LP.

Anal Plugs – for gentle anal stimulation

Anal plugs (also called butt plugs or butt plugs) are in principle dildos, which, however, are more suitable for the back door due to their special shape. They are used by both men and women and are used for sexual stimulation and anal sex. An anal plug can, however, often remain in the buttocks due to its special, mostly conical shape and the end that runs out towards the end – and that also on the way, which makes for many the special attraction. The often narrow tip of the plug also facilitates insertion and the large foot prevents complete sliding in. Of course, there are also plugs with thick tip and large diameter. Be surprised by the selection in our erotic shop and discover anal plugs for your individual needs. Tip: Especially exciting may be wearing during sexual intercourse. Be curious and discover your very special emotional experience for unprecedented anal pleasures.

Anal plugs are available for your thirst for adventure in various sizes, colors and shapes, with or without vibration. Most plugs are made of soft silicone or similar materials, but there are also hard variants such as stainless steel or glass. The surface can be smooth, wavy or structured. For beginners we recommend a small, smooth and tapered plug with a narrow tip.

How is an anal plug used?

Something Lube use and slowly insert the toy in the butt. Can take some getting used to at the first use, easy and especially slow to try again you will get used to the introduction quickly. After a short time, the insertion and removal of the Anal Toys will be very stimulating. Have you ever considered leaving the toy in running, shopping, climbing stairs, etc. in you? Moving while wearing allows experienced users to achieve extra sexual stimulation. By the way: A good anal plug sits safely and painlessly at its destination without any effort. An anal chain is more like a ball strand and is often used during lovemaking, especially pulling it out just before orgasm makes for a true feeling explosion! Discover more anal plug variants and get yours now at loveplugs!

Anal plugs for him and him

The anal plugs we offer for you and him not only offer a large selection of different colors, shapes and sizes, but also convince you by their high quality. Whether the fist for the first fisting experiences or rather the anal beads:

  • Anal plugs are for beginners and advanced a real experience
  • Anal toys are made of silicone, latex and vinyl and are offered exclusively phthalate-free. Thus, the Anal toys are not and extremely safe, but also provide a comfortable fit and feel fantastic on the skin. No matter if you are looking for a slight stretch or want to test your limits. Anal toys bring you under warranty in the mood.
  • Especially important for you are the following features:

On the one hand, anal plugs can be used with the most common lubricants: you do not have to do without your favorite lubricant and secondly, toys are extremely easy to clean and disinfect and are thus quickly ready for the next use. Anal toys can faithfully accompany you over many years.

So do not wait too long. Attend today and ordered the high quality and durable anal toys in various sizes and shapes. Enjoy the new charms that our anal toys can provide for you and him, and spice up your love life in a creative way.

And share your photos with your partner using anal toys having intimate moments that loveplugs community will surely be thrilled.

Is the anal plug a good preparation for anal sex?

The plug is very well suited to prepare yourself or the partner for anal intercourse. On the one hand, the muscle can get accustomed to the stretch, on the other hand, the stretch can be gradually extended by the use of different sized anal plugs. It differentiates between two different application areas. On the one hand, this butt plug can be used as a direct preparation for anal intercourse.

In this regard, the anal plug is introduced before the traffic and held in position for a few minutes. In addition, the muscle is easier to relax and can easily be pre-stretched. The penetration into the anus can be clearly made easier pain moreover beyond. It is easily possible to have normal sexual intercourse while wearing the anal plug. This not only helps with relaxation, but can be perceived as extremely intense due to the anal plug. Those who repeat an anal stopper and wear it over a longer period of time can train the muscle even more comprehensively. This gets used to this stretch, so that the anal intercourse can be enjoyed almost at any time without pain.

How to Ejaculate with Prostate Massage

Women are known to have their G-Spot, which brings them to sexual climax. But is this point also true of men? Sure, that’s the P-point. And he is sitting inside the body. How do you show in this post how you find the P-spot and what it does?

At the P-point is the? P? To find this point, you should penetrate anal. Gays have less of a problem with that. But also many heteros dare to try to discover new sexual land. Here, anal sex is not a purely gay invention. On the contrary, anal intercourse is practiced equally by homosexuals and heterosexuals. If you like it and are sexually curious, then you should definitely try to find your P-spot. If you agree, you will get to know a new kind of stimulation.

What is the prostate?

The prostate is actually a gland that creates a fluid that mixes with your sperm. Another name for prostate is the prostate gland. It is about the size of a chestnut and lies directly under the bladder.

Find P-Point – Instructions

The prostate is located in the middle of the pelvis, so it is difficult to reach from the outside. So you should practice anal intercourse. When using anal sex, always make sure to use enough lubricant. If you have penetrated anal, you can massage the prostate specifically. Directly in the rectum are thousands of nerve cells that can be gently stimulated. This feels comfortable for everyone, whether woman, man, homosexual or heterosexual.

How do I find the prostate? When penetrating with your fingers you will feel a spongy tissue after about 5cm towards the abdominal wall. There is the prostate. When the penetrated is agitated, the prostate swells in addition. That makes it easier to find them. If you want to stimulate your partner with a prostate massage, pay attention to his signals. He will notice for yourself if you have found the prostate.

From the outside, the prostate sits directly behind the testicles. You can also try to stimulate the prostate externally. To do this, massage the area between the anus and the testicles. This is exactly the area that is usually not hairy. Exactly about it you will find the prostate. Light pressure and rubbing stimulate the prostate. This will only reach one side of the prostate. But if you want to forego for the time being anal sex, for this practice is a good alternative to discover the prostate massage for them.

Prostate massage at masturbation

If you want to satisfy yourself, stimulating the prostate via the anal route is not so easy. An anal butt plug can indeed help to push against the prostate, but with the fingers one finds the prostate anal itself not easy. Remedy also creates the stimulation of the outside. With one hand you can masturbate as usual. With the other hand you rub and press on the spot between anus and testicles. Incidentally, special cock rings can do this job for you. A prostate cock ring has a bulge on the underside, which can specifically massage your prostate from the outside. If a butt plug pushes against the prostate simultaneously from above, you will be perfectly stimulated. A prostate cock ring also stimulates the prostate externally.

There are also prostate vibrators that stimulate you from the inside and outside at the same time. Unlike anal vibrators, these are U-shaped. The slightly longer part is introduced anal, the shorter part presses from below against the prostate.

The prostate stimulator stimulates the prostate from two sides simultaneously: both from the outside and from the inside. Depending on your preferences, you can combine different sex toys or just use single toys. But for best result you should know how to increase ejaculate volume.

The prostate can be specifically sexually stimulated. This is possible from outside and inside alike. Special tear drop cock rings help stimulate the prostate externally. Prostate stimulators massage the prostate both via the anal and external routes.

So you do not have to be specifically on anal sex if you want to stimulate your prostate. Small remedies help you find your P-spot. So, what are you waiting for? Discover your sexual possibilities.

Who does not know them – all the tips on how to get it really hard for the women’s world! And while the male world diligently works on their finger technology, we girls refuse us back and enjoy. And of course that’s a good thing! But honestly, dear women out there, do not you even feel like bringing your loved one to your senses with a few deliberate moves?

We have a few tips for you that will turn your lover’s world upside down in no time. One or the other idea may even seem a bit unusual to you. Take your time to befriend you with the different tips. Give this time but also your partners. Few find a unannounced finger in the butt hot. Even then, not when they find the idea in it quite exciting – slow touch is the motto. Here we go:

Ball Play

Easy, easy – now tact is needed! The testicles of your loved one are especially sensitive. That makes them especially valuable for you. Because, if you act accordingly gentle, your lover will simply love it! Stroke him on his best piece and let your tongue slide over his testicles. If that pleases him, take it easy. Always remember to be extra careful.

Anal Play

If both of you still feel like it, your testicles will not have to be over for a long time! His dam and his anus are sensitive and very erogenous zones and belong to his absolute hotspots (even if he does not even know it)! But be careful about these points. Unfortunately, many men still assume that it is unmanly in any way, for example, to be pampered with the prostate. Most people do not even suspect what they are missing.

If you have already arrived at his testicles, feel free to press down a bit. His dam is much more sensitive than you might think. At the junction of testicles and anus, a multitude of nerves meet. You give him a blowjob anyway and still have a hand free? Very well! Then massage his dam. You can also apply some pressure – his dam is not as sensitive as his testicles.

Prostate massage

The high art of love – a prostate massage is guaranteed to blow him away! With a prostate massage, you can theoretically even bring it to climax without touching his penis. However, deep trust is an absolute requirement for most men before they let you (or rather, in) their buttocks.

Have you probed from his testicles over his dam to his anus and your lover is still in the mood? Then you can only congratulate him! If you penetrate with your finger in his anus, you will find after about 5 cm a small bulge, about the size of a walnut. Jackpot, that’s his prostate! Massage it with your fingertip and it awaits a climax, as he has never experienced. Visit https://loveplugs.co/blogs/news/guide-to-stimulating-the-prostate for more details.

Tips on Using Anal Shower Like a Pro

Considering sex products for anal sex, pay special attention to anal shower. This is an incredibly practical thing for lovers of anal pleasure whether it is toys or sex. She maximally cleans the anus before penetration. And this will not only save you from unpleasant surprises, but also remove all fears and relax before getting pleasure. Also, many people like to douche before anal penetration.

With the help of an anal shower, water is introduced into the anus, which washes away all the dirt with it. These products come in various shapes and sizes, and they are very easy to use, even for the first time. But is it safe to anal douche? Let’s find out the answer.

How to use

If you have never cleaned the anus, we recommend starting with an anal shower, and not with a full-fledged enema. Take the toy out of the package and rinse it out just in case. Then remove the tip and fill the pear with warm water from the tap or immersing the anal shower in a container with water.

Lubricate the tip and the entrance to the anus, carefully insert the tip. It is better to do this over the toilet, so you will find a convenient entry angle and do not blot anything around.

Then squeeze the pear. Water will fill your rectum and gently wash all parts of feces out of it. For a slow stream of water, squeeze the pear gradually, and for a faster one, squeeze sharply. Always start carefully, watching the reaction of your body. Many say that slow douching is more effective.

Carefully remove the anal shower and hold the water inside you, until you want to get rid of it. The procedure is recommended to be repeated several times for better cleaning. You also need to adhere to several rules:

  • Do not need to fill the anal shower with anything other than pure water;
  • The water should be warm, but not hot; try it with your hand before starting the procedure;
  • Douche preferably about 45 minutes before anal entertainment. Do not worry and make sure everything is in order. Apply a little lubricant and arrange a small anal prelude before going to the bedroom – this will help the body to prepare;
  • The anus does not produce lubrication, so before you enter something into it, you must use a lubricant ;
  • You need to be positioned so that your body is at the right angle relative to the syringe. If you feel pain, stop immediately.

What is the difference between anal shower and enema?

Anal douches and enemas differ in the amount of water they can hold. Anal shower is perfect for beginners. Usually their volume is up to 400 ml and they need to be squeezed by hand. Enema also holds from 400 ml to 2 liters of liquid, and with it water enters the anus automatically. Some enemas have an adjustable valve that allows you to control the flow rate. They also often have a longer nose that penetrates deeper. Enemas are needed for deeper cleansing.

Anal douche is an original way of influencing the erogenous zones of the anus, as well as its cleansing. It looks like a usual pear for douching, however, instead of a simple nose-tip, a special nozzle or even several are suggested.

The peculiarity lies in the unusual relief – together a smooth coating and a smooth rod, there may be some curvature, the use of rings, balls, spirals and other elements for the best impact on sensitive areas. Another option is the absence of a pear for pumping water and using instead a special hose directly connected to the faucet, and a special anal shower head. Hose and nozzle come complete. Anal showers allow you to keep everything clean inside and at the same time turn a cleaning session into an additional ways to have fun.

It is very easy to buy an anal shower in sex shop at a reduced price. You need to enter the page you like the product, read the description, characteristics and make a purchase.

The myth that anal sex is dirty sex is one of the most stable. Most often, the people who assert this had the first negative experience due to the lack of knowledge about the necessary hygiene measures that must precede anal penetration.

Anal hygiene: How to use anal shower

Experienced lovers, who have been practicing anal sex for a long time, can “control” the state of the rectum, sometimes they have a little abstinence from eating on the eve of an intimate date. Those who are just beginning to comprehend the huge world of anal pleasures, you need to learn simple manipulations that will help to clean the anus. And here a small “educational program” will not interfere in the issue of the anatomy and physiology of this delicate organ.

How does the anus prepares

The entrance to the anal canal is a ring of striated muscles. The central nervous system is responsible for its contraction, which means that if necessary, a person can relax muscles in the same way he controls the muscles of the arm or leg. The situation is more complicated with the internal sphincter, which is under the “guidance” of the autonomic nervous system. His usual condition is contraction, and he relaxes only before stool.

What to do with a naughty inner muscle ring?

In order to relax the internal sphincter, it is necessary that the external one also be relaxed. Two muscle rings work only in tandem, and the best way to relax them is not brute force, but a high degree of excitation of the lower partner before anal penetration.

Between the two sphincters is the anal canal, which precedes the rectum. Nonsense, but looking at the anatomical atlas, you will see that the rectum is not so straight. It forms two bends, differing in men and women in their structure. There are a lot of nerve endings in the rectum, which instantly respond to painful sensations due to incorrect actions, or will give bliss if the partner acts delicately.

Not so long ago, anal sex and everything connected with it was condemned by the conservative part of society and was taboo. Now the attitude to this type of sexual relations has become loyal, and the sex market offers a large assortment of sex toys, accessories, and hygiene products for anal sex.

Anal shower, created by manufacturers of sex toys especially for cleaning the rectum, taking into account all the physiological features of the human body, has earned great popularity among users due to its ease of use and its own effectiveness.

7 Things to Know Before Purchasing Butt Plugs

In a world where prejudices about sex are gradually fading into the background, it is impossible to imagine a range of intimate toys without accessories for anal sex. Butt plug has various uses depending on size and personal desires. Cork will help prepare for the first experience of anal sex, experience the charm of double penetration, or with prolonged wear can be a source of constant arousal. In addition, the cork can become an element of the role-playing game, if you choose the option with a fluffy tail.

It is necessary to buy anal balls for those who want to experience new sensations during a vaginal orgasm. Such a toy gives a lot of space for experiments, both with a partner and alone. Gradually increasing balls on a chain are also excellent training for newbie in the field of anal sex.

A variety of dildos and vibrators will help to achieve a pleasant feeling of fullness that occurs with double penetration and simultaneous stimulation of the anal and vaginal passage.

Accessories for fisting will cause interest among experts in the field of anal sex. One of the attractive aspects of such experiments are unusual sensations from stimulation of the anus, as well as with unusual pressure on the point G.

You can buy various anal stimulators cheaply in Sex shop. Regardless of experience, you can pick up a toy that takes a lot of fun. Anal sex is one of the many opportunities to experience sexual sensuality and experience unlimited pleasure, so it is not surprising that shop windows for adults delight the eye with all sorts of accessories and attributes that help you master this love technique. Anal vibrator will be a loyal assistant in preparation for anal sex, without which you cannot get real pleasure. For Wearing a butt plug in public these are important now.

  • The difference between the anal vibrator and the classic version of the vibrator, first of all, is in size. The anal stimulator is much smaller than its fellow and is often equipped with a special limiter at the base so that you, absorbed in passion, do not allow the toy to be completely inside.
  • A powerful vibration magically acts on one of the most sensitive erogenous zones – the anus. And additional edges on the surface of the toy stimulate the anal passage, allowing you to relax and enjoy new sensations.

Bilateral and tripartite vibration stimulators are very popular among users. Each end of such a toy has a different relief, which allows you to experience completely different sensations in turn.

One of the important rules during the practice of anal sex – the mandatory use of anal lubrication . This will protect you from possible damage and allow the anal stimulator to easily get inside.

Butt plug is a sex toy that can reveal new feelings for you not only during anal sex, but it is also nice to diversify love games that have become customary.

One of the main purposes of such a tube is the gradual preparation of the body for anal sex. The toy is designed in such a way that it effortlessly penetrates the anus and helps to get used to new sensations. The wide base of the cork will not worry about the fact that during passionate sex, you lose control of the toy.

Anal plug can also be a pleasant stimulator of the anus during traditional sex. A vivid feeling of double penetration will inevitably lead you to an unusually strong orgasm. In addition, thanks to the anal plug creates a feeling of a closer vagina, which in turn increases the pleasure during intercourse for your partner. A similar toy will appeal to both lovers. A man will appreciate what anal plug will impact on the prostate gland. This will not only give pleasure, but also serve as an excellent prevention of posterities.

Do not forget about safety, so the anal lubricant should always be at your fingertips to avoid micro traumas and unpleasant sensations. The world of sex products for adults is so diverse that sometimes the choice of a new sex toy is capable of puzzling. Nevertheless, you can find lots of options just for you at Loveplugs.

What to choose: anal vibrator or still stay on the anal dildo?

There is no universal answer to this question.

As in the case of comparing a classic dildo with a vibrating massager , anal phallus gives a completely different feeling than an artificial penis with vibration. Only by testing both options you will find something to which your body reacts especially violently.

Anal stimulator-phallus, made in the form of a male member, has a pronounced cone-shaped head, which easily penetrates inside. The venous pattern on the body of the toy, which makes the artificial penis so similar to the present, further stimulates the anus during penetration.

It is necessary to carefully consider the selection of the correct size of the first anal stimulator, so as not to harm your body. The ideal option would be to buy a set of anal dildos, allowing you to choose the right model or gradually prepare the anus for anal sex with your partner.

If you love and often practice anal sex, do not forget about the importance of hygiene. One way to avoid unpleasant situations, as well as an excellent option for cleansing the anus is an anal shower. With it, you will protect yourself and your partner from possible infections.

Anal sex can be for you an unforgettable erotic experience, provided that you approach this issue thoroughly. You can get true pleasure from the process only after proper preparation of your body for sensitive pleasure.

Anal chains

This is one of the options that can help you in the development of anal sex. Such a sex toy is a bead of different diameters joined together, which gradually increase in size. The chain is slowly inserted into the anus, preparing it for anal sex directly with a partner.

For those who are not new to this area, the anal chain with beads of the same diameter or anal beads is more suitable. You will receive one of the most vivid impressions if during a orgasm a partner gradually starts to pull anal balls from you. Simultaneous stimulation of the strongest erogenous zones will open for you new horizons of sexual pleasure.

Most anal toys are equipped with a ringlet, which allows you to control the process of immersing the balls in the anus and not worry about any difficulties. One of the main rules in anal sex – the use of anal lubrication to avoid possible injury and promotes easy penetration.