Why most people wish to fuck a ballerina

Ballerinas Have Flexible Bodies

Have you ever met a ballerina? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter! We’ll tell you that some of the stereotypes about them are true regardless. For example, they go through very strict training that can be mentally and physically exhausting. They train for hours each day, especially before their big shows. Plus, they have to break their pointe shoes and go through many pairs because the training is so rigid.


So, what is this training good for? Ballet is a strict dance, and every move has a purpose. That means the dancers have to get everything right. Yes, perfection is very sought-after in the world of ballet. But what else does this training give ballerinas? Very flexible bodies.


This type of training allows them to perform all kinds of incredible dance moves, like a split leap. So, not only are their bodies supple, but they maintain flexibility through rigorous training. That’s one of the reasons why people have a ballerina fetish. There’s no position a ballet dancer cannot do. She will bend in all kinds of ways and will help you broaden your sexual horizons. However, they have more to offer!

They Have Moves

Now, imagine having sex with a ballerina. What would that look like? She wouldn’t be jumping around and doing split leaps, but she could be doing a split on you if you ask nicely. What makes ballet dancers incredible lovers is the fact that they have all the moves. No, we’re not just talking about dance moves — we’re talking about the way they move in bed.


First of all, they have great coordination and know how to move with you. That means all of your sexual adventures level up when you have sex with a ballerina. How does that make men feel? It shows great enthusiasm, which excites and arouses them even more. But it’s not all about what men like. Ballerinas are able to take charge in the bedroom and satisfy themselves, too. This is especially the case if they’re prima ballerinas, but it’s a trait they all share.

Ballerinas Have No Problems With Adjustments

One of the most important traits all ballerinas need to have is adaptability. Not only do they need to be able to adapt on the fly, but long-term as well. What’s there to adapt to? Strict training, costume failure, pointe shoes, and switching roles, to name a few. Practicing ballet, in general, requires all kinds of adaptability. Thankfully, this trait translates into ballerinas’ personal lives.


What does that mean? It means you’ll never have a problem if you have to bail or change plans with a ballerina. Being on their toes is something they do regularly, and not much can catch them off guard. That, of course, means ballerinas make incredible lovers. Adaptability also means ballerinas are open-minded, and that’s something every man loves to see in bed.


Being open-minded means she’s willing to try new positions, experiment with toys, and so much more. That also means you won’t have a hard time pleasing her because she’s down for almost anything. Of course, you shouldn’t try to force anything on your bedroom ballerina. But remember: she’ll be okay with any way you decide to spice up your bedroom fun.

They Have Good Stamina

Let’s talk about stamina now. Sometimes, you need to have a lot of it if you want to last long. This is true for both partners, but men need it more. That’s because men are more likely to be in charge while women receive pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with that, but men would like to switch roles.


However, it’s difficult for many women to do that because they’re out of shape and lack stamina. You’d be surprised how much stamina you need for a cowgirl position. Your knees become weak fast and can render you useless for any future position switching. But do you know who doesn’t have stamina issues? Ballerinas.

Sure, they go through strict training, but anyone can handle that for an hour, right? That may be true, but adult ballerinas train for over 25 hours a week. They undergo two hours of training six days a week. That is the real reason why they’re so agile and have so much stamina. With a ballerina, the only thing you should worry about is whether she can outlast you in bed. Then it’s just a matter of keeping up.

Most Ballerinas Are Good Looking

Finally, ballerinas are absolutely beautiful! Well, they have to be. Why? Because ballet is a beautiful and graceful dance, so the dancers have to be a representation of that. However, this is what results in the ballerina fetish most often.


Just think about it, wouldn’t you want to have sex with a beautiful woman? Sexuality almost has nothing to do with this because that’s how good-looking these women are. On top of that, think about how agile and adaptable ballerinas are, and you’ll want them even more. These are the core reasons why people want to fuck ballerinas, and we don’t blame them.


Unfortunately, these dancers are very professional and often don’t have time for anything other than ballet. That means they’re mostly unavailable for hookups or even dating. So, that’s where the fantasy of fucking a ballerina ends for most men. However, you should always have hope.