Myth-Busters: What Is Generally Not True About Foot Fetish?

When talking about any type of kink, the foot fetish is the first thing that comes to mind for most people. It’s the most popular kink, although there are many untrue facts about it floating around. We’ve done some myth-busting about foot fetish to see what’s true and what isn’t.


On our myth-busting journey, we’ve discovered six facts about foot fetish that aren’t true, but people think they are. 

Myth 1: They Can Not Think of Anything Else During Sex

What most people don’t understand when it comes to the foot fetish is that it’s only one of many things that can arouse a person. Enjoying this type of kink doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else that can make a person horny and ready for action.


This is one of the untrue facts about foot fetish that’s most commonly accepted by a lot of people. They think having a fetish means that one is aroused by a specific body part only (feet, in this case). But other parts of their partner’s body can also cause arousals, such as tits, the ass, or even the belly.


Many people are not critical about kinks, and as soon as there’s word about foot fetish, they think people who enjoy this only get aroused by feet and nothing else. Myth-busting this fact wasn’t that difficult, but it sure was fun!

Myth 2: Foot Fetishist Turned on by Smelly Feet

This is one of the most disgusting facts about foot fetish that thankfully aren’t true. Most people don’t like smelly feet, especially when it comes to this type of kink.


When it comes to facts about foot fetish, the smell isn’t one of the things that play a big role. The aesthetic of the partner’s feet is what arouses people most, and if they’re clean, the arousal is even bigger. People into this kink often add certain accessories to the mix, making the foot fetish more personal. This includes lingerie and different types of footwear, most commonly high heels.

The reason why we said that most people don’t like smelly feet is that there are some people aroused by the specific odor feet have after a full day in shoes. Myth-busting this fact wasn’t as simple as the first one because a part of the foot fetish community enjoys the smell, no matter what kind of smell it is.

Myth 3: All Foot Fetishists Have Something in Common

When it comes to facts about foot fetish, this one is partially true. All foot fetishists have a love for feet in common but in different intensities. Certain people enjoying this kink enjoy looking and touching their partner’s feet. But it isn’t a crucial factor when it comes to reaching orgasm. There are also people so invested in this kink that they simply can’t reach orgasm without worshiping their partner’s feet.


Foot fetish is a very broad kink that people don’t understand. Discovering you enjoy this fetish is pretty simple. However, learning what you love most about it takes a lot of time. Having the right partner who doesn’t think this kink is strange is crucial, and being open-minded about trying new things is the only way you’ll truly learn what works for you.


There are people who like the same things when it comes to foot fetish, but a much larger part of the community likes different things and enjoys exploring all the possibilities this kink has to offer.

Myth 4: Foot Fetishists Like All Kinds of Feet

It doesn’t require a lot of myth-busting to learn that people with this kink don’t like all types of feet. Humans are aesthetic creatures, and everyone has a different perception of beauty. Just like you consider someone beautiful or sexy, the same applies to feet.


Most people with a foot fetish like feet with soft skin, pretty toes, toenails, and with little or no veins visible. Women in their early twenties usually have the most attractive feet, although older women can have very attractive feet as well. Genes play a significant role in the way feet look, but there’s also the way a person takes care of their feet, what kind of shoes they wear, how much they’re standing or sitting they do during the day, etc.


One of the most certain facts about foot fetish is that different people like different things, making the myth about foot fetishists liking all kinds of feet untrue.

Myth 5: They Love All Including Foot, Shoes, and Socks

As mentioned in one of the facts about foot fetishes above, different people have different types of foot fetishes. Some are aroused only by feet. Others enjoy everything, including shoes, heels, lingerie, and everything in between.


One of the biggest misconceptions about people with this type of kink is that they all enjoy everything related to feet. Some people do, some people don’t. That’s the beauty of it! The variety this kink has!


There are a lot of things one can do to make their feet more attractive. Having nice shoes is one of the things that can make feet more attractive, especially when attractive women wear them. Different types of socks and lingerie are often used as well.

The fact is that each person experiences this kink differently. There’s no universal formula to describe it, especially when it comes to accessories. Some women look incredible wearing high heels, and foot fetishists can’t get enough of them. But when a different person wears the same type of high heels, the same fetishist isn’t aroused as much. It’s a very individual kink, and it should be accepted as such.

Myth 6: There’s Nothing Special About Feet

Feet are as special as any other part of the body, although people don’t focus that much on them. People with a foot fetish pay much more attention to feet and are able to spot certain specifics that other people don’t notice.


If you’re someone who enjoys this kink, you’ll know exactly what kind of feet are most attractive to you, and you’ll easily be able to differentiate your partner’s feet from others. When you think about it, you’ll quickly realize that different people have different-looking toes, toenails, and skin. From a common person’s point of view, there’s very little that differentiates one pair of feet from another, except for obvious differences like skin color, for example.


As soon as one starts looking at the feet differently, one can quickly realize just how specific feet can be. People with a foot fetish notice these differences more easily than others. But when it comes to the myth that there’s nothing special about feet, it’s completely false.