What to look for in an anal plug?

When it comes to anal pleasure, butt plugs reign supreme! However, not all anal sex toys are created equal. You could struggle to find one that fits your booty the best. Keep reading to learn what to look for in an anal plug and how to find the best plug for you! 

Flared bases are non-negotiable

If you’re turned on by the idea of getting a new butt plug, you’ll actually have a lot of options at your disposal. You can choose from dozens of different types of butt plugs that meet your preferences and expectations. That includes standard plugs, vibrating butt plugs, animal tail buttplugs, anal bead plugs, etc. 

However, all of them have one thing in common, and it’s definitely not an optional feature. Namely, almost every plug has a tapered shape and a flared base. The flared base extends from the bottom of the toy, and it’s essentially a safety feature. As your butthole grips the toy tightly, the flared base prevents it from fully entering your ass and getting stuck. 

Also, if your hands slip during insertion, the flared base will prevent an awkward trip to the ER. If you happen to find a plug that doesn’t have a flared base, avoid it. Also, do not use dildos, wands, or DIY toys as a replacement for anal plugs. 

Use body-safe materials 

Anuses and vaginas absorb chemicals from various materials and those substances can eventually find their way into your bloodstream. While most toys look good on the surface, not all of them are body-safe. Unsafe toy materials like PVC or jelly contain phthalates that can harm your health. Fortunately, there are a few body-safe materials that feel great and do not cause damage. 


Silicone butt plugs and other silicone toys are non-porous, meaning that their surface does not absorb bacteria. That increases the durability of the toy. Medical-grade silicone is also easy to clean and is 100% body-safe. Moreover, the material feels soft, bendy, and highly realistic.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a fabulous choice for butt plugs because it is smooth yet highly durable. It doesn’t absorb chemicals and is easy to clean. An added bonus of steel is that it is quite cold, and it heats up as you insert it. Many fans of temperature play enjoy this sensation. 


Glass is one of the safest sex toy materials. It’s smooth, it requires little lube, and it looks unique and sexy. Glass is body-safe, reliable, and you can also warm it up or cool it down for temperature play. 

Size and weight

If you’re just starting out with anal play, we advise you to start small. The best choice is a short and thin plug. You can always move up in size as you get used to the sensations. If you’ve already tried anal sex and you enjoy it a lot, buy your new plug according to your size preferences. 

Aside from size, you should also consider the toy’s weight. The general rule is that pleasure increases with weight because weight provides more pressure and increases stimulation. 

Still, if you’ve never used one and are afraid that it might fall out, it’s better to pick a lighter plug. Also, if you want to wear your butt plug in public, a lighter weight may be better. For lightweight toys, silicone plugs are the best. If heavier toys turn you on more, choose steel or glass.

To vibrate or not to vibrate

Like we’ve said, you can find plugs with various additional features. Obviously, vibration is one that you are probably already considering. However, vibrations in the anus could feel a bit too intense for beginners. Nevertheless, if you need to get off through vibrations, you’ll have a lot of available options. 

For example, some plugs contain rotating and vibrating beads. They replicate the sensation of rimming or analingus. Others can be controlled via a remote. This is a fun feature since your partner could use the remote and take control of your pleasure. What’s more, some prostate massager plugs are designed to target the male prostate. Again, this will all depend on your preferences. Whatever type of butt plug that interests you, they have it at https://lovegasm.co/collections/butt-plugs. Make sure to give them a visit!

Top butt plugs in the market 

If you’re still not sure about which plug is a great choice, here are some of the most popular toys today: 

Sinclair Institute Select Silicone Explorers

These small plugs are made by Sinclair Institute, and they are ideal choices for beginners. This product provides three different plug sizes, and the plugs are made out of medical-grade silicone. The flared base is firm, but it can stretch, and you can push your finger inside it for easy insertion.

b-Vibe rimming plug with remote

This gorgeous blue plug comes with a remote that allows you to change the speed and vibration patterns for a realistic rimming experience. The neck of the plug contains beads that directly stimulate this erogenous zone. 

Njoy Pure Plug

If you prefer the sensation of stainless steel, Njoy makes some of the best butt plugs of this type. Njoy plugs come in three sizes and feature a unique head shape for long-term use. This special head shape also provides an intense sense of stretching and fullness. Plus, the steel has a balanced weight, and it quickly responds to hot or cold temperatures. 

Doc Johnson Anal Trainer Kit

This anal training kit contains three silicone plugs of different sizes (3, 4, and 5 inches). Each plug has a conical shape along with a tapered and curved base for easy removal. It’s a great choice for beginners or intermediate anal fans who want to experiment with different sizes.

Crystal Delights

Lastly, if you truly want to add some bling to your booty, Crystal Delights is one of the most famous glass plug designers. This company makes plugs from smooth glass and often covers the bases of its toys in Swarovski crystals!


Now that you know how to choose your ultimate butt plug, you can order one today and get ready for a world of intense anal pleasure!